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Inspired by Your Story,

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Capturing moments in the gorgeous Bloomington, Indiana area -

Home to Indiana University and surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest. 

Located in the Trades District in Downtown Bloomington, Indiana, Catherine is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. She is a alumnae of Indiana University and a proud Bloomington High School South and St. Charles Middle School parent. 

Please call to chat about your photography needs: 812-345-2526

Senior Photos-College Graduate Photos-And More!

Working with High School and College students to capture their images is so rewarding, they are full of life, plans, and ideas for the future.  My goal is to showcase  unique styles, personalities, and interests in every photograph.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior...these years go by so fast! (I feel like I was just in high school and college, but sadly it isn't so!)

Senior Portraits and Graduation Photos are lifetime heirlooms. Contact me if you are interested in discussing your ideas and needs. 

As a mom, I understand how difficult it is to get everyone together, with great attitudes, dressed appropriately, and out the door on time. My goal for your family is to have a pleasant  experience so you will have fond memories, or at least not bad ones, when you see the photo on your wall. While my approach is directive, I am very laid back and sometimes giggle when the madness starts to happen! 


"Our youngest was fussy. The older two were bickering. Catherine Melvin Photography arrived and managed to capture the miraculous - all five of us looking at the camera and without tears. Not only are we thrilled with the memories she captured of our family at this point in time, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Catherine Melvin. She made it quick, fun for the kids and painless for the parents. We’re so grateful." - Bethan Roberts 

Family Fun Time

As a professional or emerging professional you have the need for quality images that can empower you in your life and career.  As a mother, daughter, sister, and wife, I encourage you to capture your family's spirit at all stages. 

Portraits for Individuals - Click Here for Gallery

Individual Portraits

A great portrait is a reflection of the connection between the photographer and their client. I strive to capture that connection in my images and show a side of my clients  that nobody else will see in quite the same way.

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